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To do in Sri Lanka

To do in Sri Lanka

Road trip to Arugam Bay

July 9, 2017

Janey asked me months ago if I wanted to join her on a surf trip. She wanted to get together a group of girls who lived here on Sri Lanka and either go to Maldives or somewhere on the island. Last week we finally got off.


Six girls, two cars, six surf boards and the beautiful coast around Arugam Bay to explore.

We set off this past Tuesday and I had just gotten back to Sri Lanka after two weeks in Europe. To be honest I hoped I might be able to come up with an excuse not to join.. After living out of a suitcase and being social for the two past weeks a 5 day trip with some people I didn’t know wasn’t really high on my list.

I’m not the most sociable person, I find it hard to make new friends here on Sri Lanka because I haven’t been having the energy or time it takes to get to know new people. I can be a real introvert at times. But I think the main problem is that when I finally have time off I rather sleep infront of Netflix or clean the house instead of being out socializing. I feel like the most boring person ever.

But this trip turned out to be  just what I needed.

Thanks Janey, Kerri, Jo, Jenna and Jess for an amazing time. For some fun surf sessions, even though I really struggled, because I’m not in the best surf shape, it felt so good to be back in the water. The girls also let me ditch some sessions just to stay on the beach and reeead. No pressure to join in on everything, I love that. I read two whole books. Listened to music and just relaxed. Felt so good.

To do in Sri Lanka

the secret garden

December 18, 2016

We visited Geoffrey Bawas life’s work Lunuganga Estate the other day. Nestled on a peninsula close to Bentota but with the feeling of the middle of nowhere lays this 25-acre piece of art. It took him 40 years to finish it and now it is in many ways run down but it gives a mystic glow and feeling. It was our first time there but definitely not the last. I loved the vibe.

Bawa had made different set ups all over the gardens and he had breakfast at one spot, lunch at another and G&T’s in the sunset at another. Talk about garden goals..

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Do you see that hedge? Under it lays a road. It’s a public road so he wasn’t allowed to remove it. Instead he dug it down and covered it in green. To get to the other side of the garden you have to walk past a small bridge that’s located in this cute house:



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