Maybe Too Personal


June 9, 2017

Hi, it’s been a while. And what a fucking time it’s been. Maybe the worst time in my life. It’s been hectic. It’s been nasty, it made me loose faith in humans but it also made me realize the importance of friends. I don’t wanna dive deeper into it today with respect to all people involved but we had an event that really turned everything we worked so hard for upside down. It was extremely though for everyone involved. We were so lucky to have amazing people supporting this trough it all and I’m so grateful.

*taking a deep breath*


I’ve been hard on my self, but I need to realize I’m only human. Being 26 years old, moving to a new country, opening up two businesses, employ 45 persons, feed 9 dogs, battle an immune disease it ain’t fucking easy. It’s not a walk on the beach.

But we’re getting there. My goal is more walks on the beach. More dips in the ocean. More kisses in the sunset. More talks with friends. More quality to life.

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