Maybe Too Personal


September 20, 2016

Been having busy days with some exciting meetings. I know we said we would take it slow this season but sometimes a opportunity falls in to your lap that you really can’t resist.. I try to test it with “would I regret it if I didn’t do this?”. In this case it’s a clear yes, I would regret not trying this opportunity out. Can hopefully tell you what it’s all about next week!

This week we’re having the cool kids Corine and Matt as guests at Sunshinestories. And I was in  the water surfing for the first time in five (!!) months! Only got one wave, but man it felt good to be back! I’m in a super bad shape, but motivated to start training and surfing again. Since I got back to Sri Lanka I’ve been doing yin yoga as much as possible. As soon my body feel drawn to the mat I pull it out and do whatever my body wants to. Mostly slow yin poses, and it’s ok. Slowly slowly.


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