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September 11, 2016

Not really much of a time difference from Sweden to Sri Lanka, 3,5 hours this time of the year, but it seems it’s enough to make me jet lagged. Staying up too late and super tired in the morning. I’m finally back to where I want to be: early mornings and early nights. Petter has been working as a surf coach this past week and I’ve been home doing a lot of computer work, catching up on the things I never had time for in Sweden and also been getting our home nice and tidy. It’s crazy how often you have to maintain things here in the tropics. We had to paint and touch up here and there. The week started off good but the past days I’ve been super tired. Dizzy, headache and also pain from in my throat, not inside the troat, but on the outside where the thyroid is.. It makes me so sad not to being able to give 100%, I get so disappointed with myself.  Got so many ideas in my head just waiting to come alive.. I often have energy until 3 pm. I’m trying to get as much Sunshinestories work done as possible. Answering emails, writing/planning blogposts, answering/sending out collab requests, interviews for online magazines, updating social medias, having Skype job interviews with new yoga teachers, designing new merchandise and ordering buying new stuff for the retreat. But I’m also meeting with the tailor for my kimono project, exciting to have more energy to work with that!

When my energy runs out I’m trying to focus on giving my self time. Petter reminded me that if I would be in Sweden and having a work I would probably be on sick leave (best case scenario, worst case had to work anyway ). I also focus on giving my body the best fuel I can find. Good breakfast that gives me a lot of energy. Somedays I’ve even been able to sit down on my new yoga mat. Mostly doing yin yoga or different poses from Lyndons sequence that I feel I need that day.


Every other day I eat oatmeal with homemade coconut milk, tumeric powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, cashews and Sri Lankan small bananas (best in the world according to me). I drink luke warm water with lime and a shot of super boost mix.

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    Frukost – bästa på hela dagen!

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